Recipients of Russian Presidential grants

Five presidential grant operators have announced first contest results

Moscow, 01.07.2016

The results of the first presidential grant contest for NGOs have been announced by all operators except the Russian Youth Union, which will reveal its results by 4 July.

The Union of Russian Women, Perspective Foundation, the Russian Union of Rectors and the National Health League presented lists of winners of the first of four presidential grant contests to take place in 2016. The Civil Dignity movement, the Russian Pensionersā€™ Union and the charitable foundation Pokrov have already summarised their results, and are supporting 112 projects.

Perspective Foundation has allocated just over 5 million roubles to the Association of the most Beautiful Villages, which promotes the conservation of rural culture and recreation, for a project involving the public in the conservation, development and effective use of rural heritage. The Society of Friends of Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore received 5.1 million roubles from the foundation for archaeological excavations and an historical re-enactment festival. The Saratov Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church received almost 5 million roubles for the project ā€˜Spiritual ties of the Fatherlandā€“ past and presentā€™. In total the foundation has supportedĀ 89 projects.

The National Health League (which supported 56 projects) has allocated 7 million roubles to the independent non-profit Combat martial arts club to hold physical education and sports festivals. A further 7.1 million roubles was given to the non-profit V K Motorsport professional racing team to carry out a range of educational and practical events for motor racing fans and students.

The National Charitable Foundation (which supported 68 projects) gave 10 million roubles to the non-profit Golden Mask Festival to hold performances in the Russian regions. A further 10 million roubles was given to the National Council of Youth Unions of Russia for the creation of regional resource centres dedicated to the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students.

The Russian Union of Rectors (which supported 59 projects) gave 17 million roubles to the Interregional Union of Journalists for the development of informational programmes in the form of permanent online and offline resources in the Central House of Journalists, as well as a multilevel and multipurpose virtual media space on their website. 15 million roubles went to the Vinokur Foundation (to support culture and art through classical dance masterclasses, lectures on the history of Russian ballet and awards to young performers); the Research Institute for Communications Strategies (to hold the Lev Tolstoy theatre festival); and the Caucasus Civil Forum (for monitoring and analysis of interethnic and religious relations and human rights in the Caucasus).

The Reaching the Heart Foundation, which helps to solve social, health, cultural and educational problems, received 6 million roubles from the Union of Russian Women (which supported 48 projects) for a unique cultural and educational show for children and their parents. The Water of Life Foundation received a further 6 million roubles for a social creative centre for children and young people with disabilities. The Union of Russian Women also allocated 8 million roubles to the Promoting Creative Education Foundation for the 20th National Festival of Visual Art at the Eaglet national childrenā€™s centre in Krasnodar region.

In 2016 four presidential grants contests will take place following the Presidentā€™s order that 4,589,914,800 roubles from the federal budget be allocated to non-profit organisations. All grant operators are required to develop means of evaluating the social impact of the projects selected for support. The second grant contest beganĀ in May.

Author:Ā Georgii Ivanushkin\



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