Results of ‘Social Enterpreneur 2020’ competition in Russia

Our Future foundation announces results of Social Entrepreneur 2020’ competition

5 April 2021

Eleven projects from nine Russian regions have been announced as winners.

The Nashe Budushee (Our Future) foundation for regional social programmes will allocate 53,550,000 roubles for the projects’ implementation. Over the course of the competition the foundation supported 310 projects from 59 Russian regions with a total sum of 790,000,000 roubles.

Among the winners were a project in Astrakhan region to establish a diagnosis and rehabilitation centre capable of treating 3,500 people a year, a multi-purpose youth centre in Vladimir, called ‘Dominant’, with capacity for around 300 young people, and a ‘Belyovsky Biscuit’ museum in Tula region, where there will be a craft workshop (with masterclasses for children and teenagers), as well as a souvenir shop, cafe, and rooms where visitors can watch how biscuits, marshmallows, and toffees are made. More info: Our Future foundation makes changes to ‘Social Entrepreneur’ competition

“Last year’s competition will be the last one to follow the usual format. In 2021 we decided to make some modernising changes to the competition. These changes are mainly aimed at achieving targeted solutions for social and environmental issues at a regional level, introducing up-to-date mechanisms for collecting and reviewing competition applications, and establishing digital platforms to invite participation in the competition”, stated the Our Future press secretary, Natalya Zverevaya.

The full list of ‘Social Entrepreneur 2020’ winners can be found here.


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