Russia goes up in the World Giving index

Russia’s position strengthens in the World Giving Index


The British charity CAF has presented its World Giving Index for 2017.

In the 2017 World Giving Index, Russia gained two places, moving from place 126 to 124. According to the results of the study, 17% of Russians declared donating money in the last month.

To put together the report, 146,000 people in 139 countries of the world were surveyed. Overall, the total rating showed a global drop in giving, especially notable in developed countries. The USA, Great Britain and Australia, in particular, each dropped three places in the rankings. In first place was Myanmar, in second place Indonesia and in third Kenya. New Zealand maintained its position in fourth, but the overall giving index of the country reduced by 2%. For the second year in a row, Africa has demonstrated growth in the giving index. Researchers noted that African countries made up 20% of the index’s leaders.

The World Giving Index is compiled on the basis of data from the global survey Gallup’s World View poll. The position of a country depends on three factors: financial donations to charitable organisations, volunteer work and helping strangers.

“The fact that Russians have shown growth in their charitable tendencies is wonderful news. This is a clear indicator of sustainable growth, which, we hope, will be maintained in the future. Despite the positive result in Russia, the global fall vividly demonstrates to us that one cannot take the generosity of people for granted. CAF, for its part, makes every effort to inspire people in Russia to good deeds. One of our initiatives to promote philanthropy is the #generoustuesday action, an International Day of Giving, which will take place in Russia this year for the second time. This day brings together different parts of society: individuals, businesses, NGOs and the state”, the Director of CAF Russia, Maria Chertok, said.

The International Day of Giving #generoustuesday first took place in Russia in 2016. Celebrities, actors, politicians, companies, NGOs and citizens took part. The campaign found great resonance amongstNGOs, businesses and average citizens – #generoustuesday was supported in 124 towns and cities, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, with more than 1500 events being organised, and more than 900 partners registered on the website. As part of #generoustuesday, a large number of donations to NGOs were counted: payment systems recorded an increase in the amount of donations collected – on average 2.5 times greater than donations in the same period of the previous year or previous months. In 2017, #generoustuesday is taking place in Russia on 28 November.

A study from the previous year showed that donations to NGOs have doubled in comparison with the previous year. Moreover, in 2016, Russia entered into the top ten countries for private donations to charitable organisations in relation to the GDP.




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