Russia: more than half of children with disabilities lack proper school provision

More than half of children with disabilities must study at home due to the lack of special provisions in schools

Perspectiva, a regional public organisation for disabled citizens, has conducted an interview with the parents of disabled children and has carried out an analysis of the calls they receive to their helpline.


It was found that only in 27.7% of cases are children studying at home due to the seriousness of their illness. The survey by Perspektiva found that in 60% of cases it is entirely down to the fact that schools do not have the proper provisions in place. Details of the survey can be found on the portal, Takie Dela

According to Perspektiva, 55.3% of children who study at home have intellectual disabilities, while 33% have physical disorders related to the musculoskeletal system.

Most of the children are homeschooled. 28.6% of parents said that their children have additional individual lessons with teachers, not only at home, but also in school. Only 11.6% of children with disabilities study both in individual lessons and at school with other students.

“The quality of education provided can be of a much lower level when the child is homeschooled. Many parents reported that the workload of children who are being homeschooled is significantly lower than their peers who attend school,” Perspektivareported.


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