Russian Federation Council to support Donors’ Forum conference

The Russian Federation Council to support this year’s Donors’ Forum conference


Registration is now open for this year’s Donors’ Forum conference on charity and social responsibility. It will be held online from 19-23 October and supported by the Russian Federation Council.

The theme of the event will be the role of charity and social investments in achieving sustainable development goals (SDG). The agenda will include days set aside to discuss business items, charity work, partnerships and to hold workshops. Galina Karelova, Deputy Chair of the Federation Council, will also be taking part in the discussions.

The Forum has said that participation will be free of charge. This decision has been made to support society in addressing the post-Covid socio-economic situation.

The conference is being organised by the Donors’ Forum with the support of the Russian Federation Council for the Development of Social Innovation, together with partners including Philip Morris Sales and Marketing, Siberian Coal Company, United Metallurgical Company and the Andrey Melinichenko charity.

In order to register and see the full agenda for the conference, go to:


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