Russian Presidential grant awards

Results of the third competition for the distribution of Presidential grants


The Federation’s Public Chamber has announced the results of the last of this year’s competitions for the distribution of Presidential grants which have now been published on the Chamber’s website. 4,417 applications were submitted and 382 approved. The first two competitions held earlier in July and October led to 636 and 389 projects respectively being successful.

The Centre for the Protection of Property and Housing Rights project “Protect your property” received a large sum (nearly 6,000,000 roubles) from the All-Russian Public Movement “Civil Dignity” in order to provide support to citizens whose rights have been violated. The International Historical, Educational, Human Rights and Charitable Society “Memorial” project “Human rights throughout history” (humanitarian, methodological and social education of adolescents in the area of human rights) received 3,000,000 roubles from “Civil Dignity”.

As in the last competition, “Civil Dignity” allocated Presidential grants to organisations which have been forcibly placed on the “foreign agents” register. So, the “Public Verdict” charity received 2,500,000 roubles for a project on the “Development of dedicated communication links to help citizens in shaping legal behaviour and in continuing discussions on police reform”. This project is aimed at raising awareness among citizens (both on legal issues and in reforming law enforcement institutions and mechanisms) and the development of skills in the area of legal human rights protection. The “Women of the Don” Union received nearly 3,500,000 roubles for a public reception area project.

A national charity allocated 9,000,000 roubles to the Russian Search Movement to “provide organisational and information methodological support for the work of public search organisations, as well as involving children and youths in activities aimed at perpetuating the memory of the defenders of the Motherland. Another 9,000,000 roubles were given to a St Petersburg regional civil organisation’s social programmes “Northern capital” for a history and arts exhibition on the “Roads of War” and the “Story of Victory”.

The Russian Military Patriotic Centre “Vympel” received 7,500,000 roubles for developing a system and improving the content of a work programme for the patriotic education of the younger generation. The Russian Union of Afghan Veterans was also given 7,000,000 roubles for the creation of a centre for the patriotic education of Russian citizens, as well as for social rehabilitation of combat veterans.

The Russian Youth Union allocated 9,000,000 roubles to the “Voskresensky Socio-Business Centre” NGO for its young lawyers training programme. The “Prospekt Mira” youth organisation received just over 8,000,000 roubles for an educational project called “Russia today” aimed at secondary school pupils, school-leavers and students, “as well as others interested in Russia’s modern history”. The Russian Volunteers Union was given 7,500,000 roubles for its “Kind-hearted Russia” programme, which is aimed at “undertaking more volunteer activities at federal, regional and local level”.

The Training Centre for Psychological Pre-abortion Counselling received 7,500,000 roubles from the League of the Nation’s Health for its “Positive Motherhood” project which is a comprehensive programme to provide an inter-regional psychological service that serves the interests of both health and society. Another 7,000,000 roubles were given to the Sports and Technical Club’s Children’s Leisure Centre “Sporting families” for a project aimed at combatting alcoholism called “Healthy youth”.

An independent monitoring charity “Health” that looks at medical services and health protection received 6,500,000 roubles for the “development, organisation and creation of a mobile system for a personal analysis of the health of service users, as well as keeping up to date with public opinion regarding medical care provision to the population”.

The “Kind Word” charity that supports and develops artistic journalistic skills was awarded nearly 13,000,000 roubles from the Russian Society “Knowledge” for a series of public events (lectures, workshops, and exhibitions) aimed at supporting local cartoonists. 7,000,000 roubles were given to the Russian Public Institute of Electoral Rights for a project aimed at improving issues relating to public control in the Russian Federation.

The Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies allocated nearly 10,000,000 roubles to the Institute of Internet Development for promoting a “crowd-sourcing platform for interaction between online audiences based on the expertise available within the organisation”. 9,000,000 roubles have also been awarded to the NGO partnership “Professional Society of Directors “Directorium” for developing and testing methodology for assessing State-owned businesses in terms of their financial and economic performance.

“Night Wolves” received 9,000,000 roubles from the Russian Women’s Union for children’s Christmas trees in a bike centre. The Russian Pensioners’ Union allocated nearly 11,500,000 roubles to the National Education Centre for their “Living History” project aimed at “widely disseminating historically and culturally informed and meaningful ideas on the phenomenon of the Russian world as an integral concept of civilised and civil commonality that lies at the heart of modern day Russia”. The aim of this project is to establish an “Izborsky” Club expert information centre.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin




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