Russian Prime minister offers to support NGOs in crisis situation

On 1 April Vladimir Putin held a meeting with members of government during which the Prime Minister offered to support NGOs that had been affected by the pandemic. 

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation had earlier written a letter addressed to the prime minister, requesting that the measures implemented to support business were extended to the nonprofit sector. Mikhail Mishustin was also approached by the All Together Association and 62 separate NGOs. A separate appeal was also made by the Federation Council. 

In a speech, Mishustin said “we are proposing to extend the moratorium on audits to include socially-oriented nonprofit organisations. In addition, socially oriented NGOs in sectors most badly affected will be given the same benefits as small and medium-sized businesses”.

NGOs may also be allowed to make changes to governance by voting in absentia. Право.RU reported that a bill enabling this measure had been presented to the State Duma by a group of parliament deputies. Those behind the initiative argue that during the pandemic, holding board level meetings becomes both extremely difficult and dangerous. If the bill passes, non-profit organisations would be able to take decisions on a number of issues in absentia. For example, outlining areas of work that need to be prioritised, changes to governance and the board of directors, as well as restructuring and liquidation are all issues that could all be resolved remotely. 

It has been revealed earlier that the State Duma passed the proposed amendments to the law relating to ‘Charitable Activities and Volunteering’ on its third reading. The document will include reference to the ‘Donation Box’ and the rules governing its use. 


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