Russian project for people with disabilities wins international award

Russian Project for People with Disabilities wins International Prize


The best innovative ideas in the world for implementing the UN Convention on Human Rights have been honoured in Vienna.

The jury for the competition known as Zero Project – 2020 included experts from different countries with professional experience in providing inclusive education, employment, rehabilitation and accessible environments for people with disabilities. The panel’s priority was to identify projects that were innovative and easily applicable to other countries.

The winning entries were 75 practices and 11 policies submitted by experts from 56 different countries.  Each entry showed innovation in helping to deliver education to people with disabilities.  Among the winners was the Russian Centre for the Study of the Problems of the Disabled, known as Society for All, with its project ‘The System of Voluntary Certification of the All-Russian Society for the Disabled in a World Accessible to All’.  The project was particularly appealing to disability support groups in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

Yevgeny Bukharov, Deputy Head of Society for All, commented: ‘We are proposing a comprehensible and scalable programme of training and setting up centres of expertise within the System of Voluntary Certification.  Most of the people taking part in the training and learning to be qualified experts will be people with disabilities.’ 

Since 2015 the centre has given 30 seminars attended by nearly 1000 people from 82 regions of Russia.  Over 500 people have gained skills and qualifications in our System of Voluntary Certification, half of them people with disabilities.  Currently they are providing consultancy services in 65 areas of Russia, advising on ways of building accessible environments in terms of architecture, transport and information.  Expert centres on the System of Voluntary Certification have now opened in 38 regions of Russia.

In 2019 the project ‘World Accessible to All’ won the nomination for ‘The Best Employment Solution for People with Disabilities’ within the national prize ‘Hope in Technology’, organised by the Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry. 


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