Russian report on state support for charities, volunteering and SONGOs

Working group of the State Council preparing report on charities, volunteering and SO NGOs


The report outlines the priorities of state policy in supporting and developing volunteering, charities and socially oriented non-profit organisations.

The working group of the State Council on questions of developing volunteering, the sphere of socially oriented NGOs and youth policy, was headed by the Governor of the Kaliningrad oblast, Anton Alikhalov. The working group was made up of representatives from relevant ministries, the Federation Council, the State Duma, federal and regional state agencies, state institutions and the business community, as well as scientific, expert and public organisations.

At a meeting of the working group, members discussed the concept of the report on volunteering, charities, SONGOs and youth policy. The project will be discussed at the next meeting of the State Council Working Group.

The working group noted the need for additional work on the concept o the development of volunteering, preparation of a plan of events for region-specific implementation, development of additional state support for volunteering, and increasing citizen involvement in such activities, as well as on the concept for promoting charity development in Russia.

Experts discussed measures related to ensuring that NGOs enter the social services market, the effectiveness of support and regulation of the activities of ā€œperformers of socially useful servicesā€, as well as ways of strengthening the economic potential of SONGOs. The working group also discussed perspectives for adopting the draft law on state social order for the provision of state services in the social sphere. The draft legislation has been introduced to the State Duma and in the Public Chamber a preliminary reading of the document has taken place.


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