Russians ill-informed about NGOs

Are Russians ill-informed regarding the activities of
non-profit organisations?

15.05.2013According to
research carried out by the Yuri Levada Analytical Centre (Levada-Centre),
Russians are ill-informed about the work of non-profit organisations. 1601
people took part in the representative survey. All the non-profit organisations
featured in the survey are involved in human rights work or public oversight.


The best-known organisations are the Committee of
Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia, about whose work 53% of those polled ‘had heard
something,’ and 29% ‘were well aware of its activities’; and Yevgeni Roizman’s
City without Drugs – with 38% and 8% respectively. Memorial also featured in
the list of ‘well-known’ organisations, with 5% of those polled describing the
organisation’s activities as ‘well-known’ and 40% ‘knew of them through word of


The activities of human rights organisations such as Rosuznik,
Olga Romanova’s Rus’ Sidyashchaya, Rospil and Golos are practically unknown to
Russians.  Those aware of the activities
of the President of the Russian Federation’s Council for the Development of
Civil Society and Human Rights amounted to 32% of those polled, while 6% were
‘well aware’ of them.  The May 6th
Committee was known to 15%, but only 1% were well informed about the
organisation’s activities.


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