Since 2020 fewer migrants have come to Russia

In 2020 594,100 people arrived in the country, mainly from Ukraine, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.


A project “To be precise” by the Help Needed Foundation has updated data from the 2020 migration survey. Compared to 2019, the number of arrivals of migrants has decreased significantly. And it turned out to be the lowest for the entire period analysed by the project since 2014.

The number of potential labour migrants has more than halved over the year. There were 30 potential foreign migrants wishing to work per thousand of the working-age population in Russia. Compared to 2019, this number has halved.

The pandemic also affected one of the most desirable (from the point of view of state migration policy) categories of foreigners – students. In 2020, the number of those who entered as their primary migration registration “for the purpose of study” decreased by more than 2.5 times – from 681,800 to 265,100 thousand people.

Due to international migration, the population of 52 regions increased in 2020. The largest increase is in the Moscow and Rostov Regions and Krasnodar Krai. Migration decreased in 33 regions. The largest declines were in Moscow city, the Smolensk Region and the Primorsk Krai.

More details on the project site here.

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