St Petersburg administration supports social NGOs

The St Petersburg Local Government Subsidises
Socially Oriented Non-Commercial Organisations

Four St Petersburg Socially Oriented Non-Commercial Organisations have received subsidies
from the Commission for Social Policy. This is for projects working to prevent
HIV infection and for the support of HIV positive residents and their families.
At the meeting of the Commission’s experts on 22 July, the results of the
competition were announced. The winners are to receive a 2013 subsidy for the
reimbursement of expenses incurred for events in the programme ‘The Prevention
of Illness caused by the Contraction of Human Immune Disorders (HIV Infection)
in 2013-15.’ The Non-Commercial Organisations received RUB 4, 799,000.


The money
from the city budget was received by the St Petersburg social organisation
‘Doctors to Children’, the Non-Commercial cooperative for improving the quality
of life of women affected by HIV Infection and other Socially Significant
Diseases, ‘E.V.A’, the interchurch Christian charity, ‘Diakoniya’ and the St
Petersburg Medical-Social programme ‘Humanitarian Action.’


 ‘Humanitarian Action’ has been delivering an
HIV prevention project for Injecting Drug Users since 1997. The St Petersburg
local government financially supported the charity up-front, with a donation of
RUB 1, 313,000. The organisation has opened mobile treatment clinics, the ‘Bus’
and ‘Minibus’ for the provision of medical and psychological consultations, the
collection of blood samples (anonymously and free of charge) for HIV, Hepatitis
C and other diseases.


Non-Profit Organisation ‘E.V.A’ and the Interchurch Christian charity,
‘Diakoniya’ will offer training courses for ‘Peer Consultants.’’ A ‘Peer
Consultant’ is an HIV- positive individual with the necessary experience and
skills to offer psychological support to other HIV-positive people’ explain
representatives of the partnership. ‘E.V.A’ received RUB 1,200,000 for this
purpose, and Diakoniya- RUB 1,286,000.


to Children’, with RUB 1,000,000, pledge to expand their programme in order to
offer assistance to HIV-positive women in correctional institutions. They also
intend to encourage the establishment of videolink connections in penal
colonies for contact between female inmates and their families.


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