Student competition for articles on social entrepreneurship

Announcement of an All-Russian “Social entrepreneurship through the eyes of students” competition




Scientific articles from University and secondary vocational institution students are being invited to promote social entrepreneurship in the student community and to create a group of socially responsible and committed young people who fully embrace the concept and carry out their own projects.


The competition is being run by the Regional Social Programmes Foundation, “Our future”, and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. It will be held in two stages. The first will involve the authors of the best and most interesting projects arguing for their proposals face to face with the judges in Moscow. Winners will receive financial rewards, i.e.


  • First place: 50,000 roubles (three students);
  • Second place: 20,000 roubles (five students);
  • Third place: 10,000 roubles (seven students).


The best 30 articles will be published in a collection of scientific papers entitled “Social entrepreneurship through the eyes of students” and included in the Russian Science Citation Index. The winners will also receive commemorative prizes.


In order to take part, students will have to write a scientific article on one of the topics listed in the competition rules and submit it to the organisers by 25 September. A student wanting to choose another theme for their article must obtain prior approval from the organising committee.


The contest’s rules are available on the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration website (


The best articles from a previous competition can be found on




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