Subsidies for Moscow youth policy projects

In Moscow NGO youth policy projects could
receive up to three million roubles towards implementation



a meeting of the Moscow government on 20 August the acting mayor, Sergei
Sobyanin, announced that a system of allotting subsidies to NGOs’ youth policy
projects had been created which would be in the public domain. Allocation will
be decided on the basis of online voting and expert assessment carried out by a
special commission. Mr Sobyanin said that the total of the subsidies would
amount to over 20 million roubles.



of cultural and communal projects for the young would be eligible for the
subsidies. Successful candidates could look forward to co-financing of up to 3
million roubles. Sergei Kapok, acting minister in the Moscow government and
head of the department of culture, explained that the specialist group that
would be assessing the projects would consist of invited specialists and not
officials. Specialists from the department would help to ensure that a project
complied with local legislation.

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