TASS and Yandex Checkout  to “do good together”


The Russian information agency TASS and “Yandex Checkout” have launched a joint charity media project called “Doing good together”.

The aim of this initiative is to produce a guide on the work of charities and to tell the stories of people who devote their lives to helping others. “If you’re willing to do good, then you won’t go too far wrong with this guide”, says the project’s website (http://dobro.tass.ru).

Users of the guide will be able to find out more about charities and the help they provide. Many well-known charities are mentioned including “The Gift of Life”, “Faith”, “Live Now” and the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation. The website will also provide information on important charity events taking place.

TASS’s role in the project is that of an information platform to help Russian charities collect money but the agency won’t be directly involved in collecting donations. Money transfers to charities are to be handled by Yandex Checkout, a service arm of Yandex Money.

Those wishing to make an online donation should click on the “Help through Yandex Checkout” button, select a charity and confirm the amount of money being transferred. Money can also be donated using a Yandex Money e-wallet/bankcard or in cash at one of the 250,000 cash acceptance points in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States countries. “

“My colleagues and I decided that we couldn’t turn our back on people in desperate need of help. TASS has been operating in the information sector for more than 112 years. Our profession is a source of reliable and practical information so we’re delighted today to extend a helping hand to the “Doing good together” project. This initiative will be a vital link that brings together public spirited people and those in need, as well as explaining how charities work and how everybody can help”, said Sergey Mikhailov, TASS’s Director-General.

According to a recent Yandex Money survey, a total of nearly 665,000,000 roubles were donated by Russians using this service to charity and crowdfunding projects from January to November 2016. This is almost one and a half times more than during the same period in the previous year.

The national average sum donated through Yandex Money amounts to 641 roubles. On average, more money is given per person to charities than to crowdfunding projects, i.e. 777 and 463 roubles respectively.

Results of research carried out by the Charities Aid Foundation have shown that most Russian donations go to helping families, children, the disabled and those requiring expensive medical treatment. Donors also give money to church/cathedral appeals and to vulnerable people such as migrants, the elderly and the homeless.


Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2017/03/03/tass-yandeks-kassa-delat-dobro-vmeste/

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