Techical changes to NGO legislation approved

The Federation Council approves changes to NGO legislation


27.01.2016, Moscow


The changes mainly concern the procedures for the resignation of founding members from charitable foundations and self-governing NGOs and the status of regional NGO subsidiaries.


The Federation Council has given its approval to a federal law designed to regulate a number of issues related to the entry into force of the Federation’s revised Civil Code. This law will introduce changes to the Federation’s Civil and Housing Codes, to laws on “Public Associations”, “NGOs”, “Trade Union Rights, “Horticultural, Market Gardening and Dacha Non-Commercial Association of Citizens” and “State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs”. The changes approved by senators mean that the aforementioned statutes will define the legal status of public associations, NGOs, trade unions and their affiliates, together with housing and house-building cooperatives.


In addition, the law on NGOs will include a new Article intended to define the status of regional subsidiaries which have legal entities who perform the functions of public organisations, but not those of their affiliates or offices.


Senators also approved changes to Article 15 of the law on NGOs which “outline the procedure for the resignation of founders (ordinary members) and founding members of charitable foundations and self-governing NGOs from non-profit corporations at any time without the consent of founders (ordinary members), providing details of their resignation to the registration authority”.


Individuals or legal entities may join founding or ordinary members in non-profit making corporations, charitable foundations and self-governing NGOs if agreed by other founding or ordinary members.


Author: Georgy Ivanushkin








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