Training and jobs for people with disabilities

Moscow 19 March 2014

Dobro Mail.Ru and Netologia are helping people with disabilities to obtain training and employment


Dobro Mail.Ru, Perspektiva, the regional organisation for disabled people, and Netologia, the centre for online education, have announced a charitable project called Boundless Opportunities. It is to help people with disabilities to obtain training and work in the fields of content marketing, web design, internet project management and other ‘online’ professions.

Anyone wanting to participate on one of the six courses offered on the site Dobro Mail.Ru

may apply stating why they want to train for a particular specialism. Perspektiva will consider all the applications following which the selected students will be able to start training. Two people will be enrolled free on each course as a co-operative measure.

The chief executive of the Dobro Mail.Ru observed: ‘Today the organisation does not only offer a site which enables thousands of users to take their first steps in the voluntary sector. People with disabilities frequently turn to us in search of help. We are sure that many young people will be taking advantage of the opportunity to obtain training, a skill that is in demand, and interesting work in the future.

Netologia is offering online courses for web project management, content marketing, web design, online store management, social media marketing management, and web marketing. The training will be free for participants in the project.

Mikhail Novikov, the chief executive of Perspektiva’s employment department commented: ‘Our organisation offers people with disabilities support with all aspects including training and employment. We are convinced that the Boundless Opportunities project will widen their circle of contacts, providing them with unique opportunities for further professional development and success in finding employment.

Netologia’s general director, Maksim Spiridonov, said: ‘Working with Dobro Mail.Ru and Perspektiva gives us the opportunity to provide unique training courses that suit those who do not take a very active part in the community at the moment. We hope that our project will not only integrate people with disabilities into one of the most rapidly developing spheres of business but also help them to make use of their talents.

Author: Yulia Vyatkina

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