Users of Qiwi terminals donate more to charity

Users of Qiwi payment terminals donate more to charity


Moscow 16 March 2015

Charities are receiving a greater response from users of Qiwi, according to the first results covering the use of donation services via the company’s terminals. In February, charity banners in the interface of Qiwi terminals helped to raise three times more in donations than in 2014.

The Qiwi group launched a project to promote software to help charities and NGOs in early 2014. By clicking on charity banners, which can be found on the interfaces of Qiwi terminals, people can obtain detailed information about fundraising targets and, if they wish, make a donation to the charity. In 2014 Qiwi terminals already had information about 20 different charitable organisations, including information about Downside Up, Life, Children’s villages – SOS, the Orthodox charity Mercy and the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation.

According to the Managing Director of the Qiwi Group, Anna Stoklitskaya, during the year people have become accustomed to the idea that through a Qiwi terminal you can not only pay for all your daily services but also “make a contribution to a good cause.”

In February 2015, on the payment completion page of Qiwi terminals, there was a banner for the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation’s programme “To know and not be afraid”, the aim of which is to provide comprehensive coverage of the problem of brain cancer in children, as well as informing doctors and parents about the need for early diagnosis and timely treatment. Within 2 weeks the charity collected more than 260,000 roubles via the Qiwi terminal, whereas the Foundation collected on average only a third of that via banners on the Qiwi terminals in 2014.

The SOS programme from the charity Life, information about which was also placed on terminals for a period of 2 weeks in February, collected more than 200,000 roubles. This sum was also more than 3 times last year’s value. The SOS programme aims to raise funds for emergency assistance for children with cancer.

“We are adding banners about charitable programmes to our post-payment page”, said Anna Stoklitskaya. “After all, one of the main advantages of our system is efficiency. We understand that for the majority of our users time is of the essence and nothing should distract them from the payment process. People only see the charity banner once the payment has been successfully completed.  They can then slowly get acquainted with the help needed and make a donation.”

Author: Julia Viatkina

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