Volunteering helps in search for jobs

Every third Russian believes that volunteer experience aids the search for employment

These statistics are the result of a survey conducted by the employment site Super Job.


A quarter of the respondents had taken part in a volunteer project at least once.

Of all the respondents, 8% had volunteered once, 15% a few times, and 3% regularly participate in volunteer projects. 74% of Russians have never taken part in a charitable project.

In comparison to similar studies from previous years, the number of respondents who have participated in volunteer projects has increased by 3%, from 23% in 2019 to 26% this year.

35% of respondents believe the skills they acquired during their volunteer work helped them in their search for a job. 

2000 people took part in the survey from 448 localities.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2021/11/16/kazhdyj-tretij-rossiyanin-schitaet-chto-volonterskij-opyt-pomogaet-v-trudoustrojstve/

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