Winners of “We Together” (Me Vmeste) prizes

Winners of the “We Together” (Me Vmeste) prize announced


The names of the award winners were announced on 4 December at the International Forum for Civil Participation in Moscow.

Volunteers and CSO category

The Special Case project developed by the Perm Regional Organisation for the Protection of Disabled Children’s Rights and Their Families (Happiness in Life) took first place in the Technologies for Life section in the CSO category. Its aim is to create high-quality video content of special classes for children and to provide financial support for additional and special remedial education.

The Moscow School of New Professions: Lomonosov Studio Virtual Laboratories project was a winner in the Volunteers category which will help involve young people in the development and use of modern digital VR/AR technologies.

The Kind Things project was also a winner in the Helping Others section in the Volunteers category which involves organising venues where people can swap clothes in Barnaul, Biysk, Aleisk, Yarovo, Pavlovsk and Rebrikha.

All the winners in this category will receive a grant of up to 2.5 million roubles.

Business category

The Tails and Paws project created by MT-Technologies LLC was a winner in the Technology of Life section in the SME category. This online platform can be used to donate funds to animal shelters, choose a pet and learn of other ways of supporting the project.

The Alter Psychologist Recruitment Service created by Alter-LLC was a winner in the Federal Business category. This is a free online recruitment service that will help provide access to professional help for people across Russia and increase the level of trust in psychologists and psychotherapy.

A project developed by the Kind Hearts corporate volunteer movement was a winner in the Helping People section in the SME category. This has been created by the oil company Bashneft where employees offer help to disadvantaged children, war veterans and home front workers.

The PRO Programme project developed by Gazprom Media Holding was a winner in the Federal Business category. This initiative aims to strengthen corporate culture, develop employees’ skills and resolve social problems through volunteering.

The winners in the Federal Business category will be able to take part in next year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Mobility Programme Education Internship free of charge.

School projects

A winner in the Cultural Heritage category for children from 14 to 17 years of age was an interactive museum project entitled Family History – the Story of Victory. Its aim is to revive and preserve the memory of all those who took part in the Great Patriotic War.

A School Yard – An Area of Joy programme was a winner in the Pleasant City category. This is a design project aimed at transforming a school yard into a pleasant, beautiful and environmentally-friendly area.

The How Not to Kill Yourself project was a winner in the Health of the Nation category. This is a handbook for teenagers on how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The Special Animals project was a winner in the Green Country category. It involves the creation of wheelchairs made from polypropylene pipes designed for cats and dogs.

The Legal Axiom project was a winner in the Land of Opportunities category. This is a mediation programme aimed at the theoretical and practical training of students as mediators and increasing the success rate of prevention and rehabilitation work.

The 14-17 year old winners in the Volunteer and CSO category will receive a grant of up to 600,000 roubles.

At the We Together award ceremony, Vladimir Putin said that he supported the introduction of a law on volunteer insurance. “Of course, I will support all your efforts and those of public authorities to support the volunteer movement, including insuring volunteers”, the Russian President stated.

Back in November last year, the Chair of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy suggested that volunteers should be covered by insurance as is the case in many other countries.

The We Together International Forum for Civic Participation is dedicated to social partnership to achieve the goal of sustainable development, and has been held in Russia since 2015 prior to Volunteer Day from 2-5 December.

This year’s event was held under the auspices of UNESCO. The programme also covered a range of themes including Ecology, Social Support, Education, Culture, Media, Health and Sport. More than 150 speakers representing government agencies, leading CSOs, commercial companies and the media delivered lectures and ran workshops.


Translated by Neil Hailey

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