YuniKredit Bank gives over 1.2 million roubles to charitable projects

Over 1.2 million roubles is given to charitable projects by YuniKredit Bank


YuniKredit Bank has announced the results of its corporate tender, known as ‘You Can Help’, which is designed to identify the best ideas for developing charitable work.  The four best projects were chosen from a total of 55 bids.  In all bank has donated over 1.2 million roubles to fund their implementation.

The panel of jurors that chose the winners was made up of the board members responsible for charitable giving at YuniKredit Bank and the heads of the two foundations Sunflower and Life as a Miracle.  The panel chose projects designed to have a specific, measurable and long-term impact, ones that had reliable partners and ones that were able to clearly demonstrate how the money would be spent.

The winning projects were:

  1. The Hello Foundation

To purchase a Fabius Tiro anaesthesia and breathing apparatus for use in chemotherapy treatment in the Cancer Ward of the Voronezh Children’s Hospital No 1.


  1. The Scarlet Flower Charity

To set up art therapy studios for children and young people with mental disabilities and their families.


  1. The Foundation for the Protection of Abandoned Children ‘I Have No Mum’

To provide support for children abandoned in hospitals in Rostov-on-Don.


  1. The Environmental Foundation My Planet

To fund the reforestation project AERobika. 11,000 pine trees will be planted to replace some of the trees that were burnt down in the Chelyabinsk forest.

In 2018 You Can Help, the charitable project run by YuniKredit Bank, came third in the Social Project category of the Financial Sphere Prize.  The prize is organised twice a year by the business magazine Banking Review.



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