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BEARR holds its one-day annual conference in November in London. We invite specialist speakers from civil society organisations (CSOs)  in the region and academic experts, and welcome anyone with a professional or general interest in health and welfare in the region, including academics, students, and those working with or volunteering for CSOs. Participants come from the UK and across the region. We publish details on the November conference in late summer/early autumn, and connect the theme to that of our Small Grants Scheme, or other important topics of the day. The annual conference provides opportunities for information sharing, mutual learning, and building networks amongst and between our speakers and participants.

We have also held two regional conferences :

Working in partnership with local institutions and organisations (including universities, CSOs, and development agencies), we seek to use these conferences to build networks and capacity in the region, and to learn from the expertise and experience of regional partners.

BEARR Trust Annual Conference 2021

BEARR continued to hold all its events online in 2021. You can read the report about our safeguarding webinar here and watch the recording here. We will hold further webinars early in 2022.

BEARR Trust Annual Conference 2020

Due to the situation with COVID-19, the BEARR Trust did not hold its usual annual conference in London in November. Instead we held three separate on-line webinar discussions on different  COVID-related issues, for details click here.

BEARR Trust Annual Conference 2019

Our most recent conference was in November 2019 on the subject of Violence Against Women and Girls in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Earlier conferences (2018 and before)

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